Chuck PicerniAlthough there are many great stunt coordinators available for commercials, TV and movies; Chuck Picerni, is definitely one of the best. Chuck understands creative, sees the big picture, and works well with directors and agency personnel. He is absolutely fearless, talented, and safe. When it has to be done right the first time, directors call Chuck Picerni.

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Chuck Picerni is one of the most experienced action coordinators in the film industry today. He is an award winning, six time World Taurus Stunt Award nominated, 30+ year veteran to the stunt community.

He has coordinated some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. Chuck is not only an action coordinator, he is also and accomplished 2nd Unit Director. Chuck Picerni is a stunt coordinator who creates amazing action sequences, has years of experience in the film industy,and maintains integrity, professionalism, passion, and love for the awe inspiring action sequences he has created for so many years.

This website houses a small sample of the many works and
accomplishments by Chuck Picerni over his illustrious career in the world of film and action.


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"I know firsthand the value of these dedicated professionals, and without them there would be no action heroes. In fact, there would be no movies. Stunt coordinators are responsible for every piece of action in a film, making films more exciting and drawing the audience in.”

-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
ABC News & Hollywood Reporter, June 2005

beautiful creatures

In theatres on Valentines Day, February 14, 2013

Chuck had the honor to coordinate this Richard LaGravenese directed film in Louisiana. It was a great cast, great production, great crew & great time!!! This film is going to be amazing

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